What Sets Us Apart

The Valley Pediatric Dentistry Philosophy

We provide the dental care and environment we would want for ourselves or our own family.

The health of the oral cavity is strongly linked to overall health, so those with healthy mouths tend to be healthier overall. With children, we know that developing positive feelings about caring for their oral health, and ensuring atraumatic dental experiences, sets them up for a lifetime of preventing tooth problems and a willingness to seek dental care as adults!

Setting the Foundation for a Lifetime of Oral Health, One Child and One Smile at a Time!

Dr. Heather Parsons, Dr. Emily Whipple, and our team are dedicated to providing your child with high-quality dental care, designed to their unique needs.

Our doctors have specialty training in pediatrics and treat only children. It is truly their passion, and that of the staff, to give quality and friendly dental care for all patients, staring in infancy and through adulthood.

  • We love making personal connections with each child and family, and want every child to feel like they are coming to their “dental home” when they walk through the door.
  • We understand that children are unique and can often have anxiety in new spaces. We’ve designed our office to be child-friendly and fun, with games and movies in reception, TVs on the ceiling for each treatment chair, and rewards at the end of a visit.
  • We have warm and friendly front office staff who greet everyone and make sure each person feels welcome.
  • We have highly-trained clinical staff who take the time needed to make sure each child and caregiver is at ease during appointments, and work with caregivers to learn what makes their children most comfortable in new environments.
  • We have an open office design which allows multiple children from the same family to be seen together, minimizing time spent away from school and work.
  • We explain every procedure in a friendly way that children can understand and answer all of their questions, and those of their parents, before starting.
  • We strive to give each family the knowledge to keep their children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free, but if their children do develop cavities, we treat them kindly, respectfully, and without judgment.
  • We give a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement to create a positive experience for children, so they grow up feeling comfortable caring for their oral health!

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Dr. Parsons, Dr. Whipple, and the Valley Pediatric Dentistry team look forward to meeting your young family members and starting them on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Please contact our Minden, NV pediatric dental office, serving Gardnerville, Carson City, Yerington, and Dayton, to schedule a visit for your little one, today!

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